Service with a HUG

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What is Service with a HUG?

Here’s how I answer that question in the book: Carol runs her own small business. It’s a gift shop in Scotland. She said ‘One of my customers told me that when they visit the shop, they feel as if they’ve been hugged’. I’m talking about creating a feeling – a feeling that keeps customers coming back – an interaction that leaves them feeling better… When I asked Carol to describe how she achieves that feeling, she thought long and hard and in a seemingly intuitive way just said ‘it’s different for every customer’. I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted examples. I drilled down. Eventually, I discovered that she connects with her customers by giving them a warm welcome by simply asking them how they are today (and really meaning it). Rocket science? I think not. Powerful? Incredibly so.

What do people say about Service with a HUG?

Steve Chandler
Author of Time Warrior
"Andy Collett's Service with a Hug sounds like it might be a warm and fuzzy kind of add-on to the training of your people, but don't be deceived by the title. This work offers you a powerful transformation of the entire relationship you have with customers and clients.... leading to serious positive bottom-line impact. "
Dave C
Professional sales trainer
“A must read for those who work in customer facing roles! Got the book and instantly related to how easy it is to forget to do the simple things with customers. Thought it provoked thinking enough to order copies for some apprentices I am working with who are new to customer service. Anyone who deals with customers face to face will find this a nice reminder of how to do it well.”
Trevor H
Professional coach
“If you want to be way ahead of the competition, give your customers exceptional service. Although it is rare, this book shows that it is not difficult. Andy distils a wealth of insight and experience into 120 pages and makes it easy to understand. The book covers the fundamental skills and progresses to developing the essential behind-the-scenes awareness to maximise the positive experience for the customer. Also on offer is the likelihood that it will make the work much more rewarding and enjoyable for you too! Each of the 30 concise chapters is illustrated with frequent real life stories and Andy’s enthusiasm encourages you to experiment and take action at the end of each one. This structure is ideal for a busy person to take one chapter a day and put it into practice. Business done with a HUG promises to be hugely effective and fun - thoroughly recommended!”
Margie B
"Compelling reading, you won't want to put this easy to read book down. It's not just about serving customers, it's a recipe for living & being ourselves. The author has disguised himself as a sales person to make many examples easily understood of how to give a mental, physical & love hug to our fellow beings. I guarantee after reading this little gem you will have a life changing experience. Written with amazing philosophical insight. Highly recommend."
Andy M
Professional Facilitator
"A really easy read that covers everything you need to know about delivering great service, in a human way. Perfect for anyone who is committed to improving their customer’s experience!"
Caroline P
Managing Director
"Super easy read - a dip in and out book.
Plenty of really useful and simply explained tips on how to best handle customers - the lifeblood of any business. Chapters are concise, invite the reader to make notes or reflect and conclude with a summary of top tips. Ideally read in order, though once done you could dip in and out anywhere as a refresher. Most useful for those who physically face customers or who speak to them on the phone, since body language and tonality of voice is discussed a lot. Having said this, the tips are totally relevant for those dealing online with clients - where we are wholly reliant on the written word and how the reader interprets it. My top tip for what it's worth: always re-read a note to a customer before pressing 'send' and if it's been a tricky note to write, perhaps addressing a complaint, write it, leave it and re-visit it afresh a few hours later. Better still get someone else to read it too. Well done Andy on a useful addition to the business bookshelf :-)"
Susan G
Mindfulness Coach
“Overall I loved the feeling that we were having a conversation.  It didn't feel like I was being talked at.  I felt engaged because of the questions you posed throughout which really got me into thinking about, and feeling, my own experiences of customer service.   It felt gentle, relaxed and open.  Like I was being invited to try on some ideas not told here is "how to....".  That felt different to me compared to other books in this field.   I also loved that you signposted and shared lots of other useful resources, websites etc.  And the way you dropped in examples from your own experience in a conversational way rather than making a big deal of explaining the context and what I should learn from it.  Again, it felt gentle and thought provoking rather than stimulating a lot of action. The third part, the "G" was the most powerful and, for me, it’s the really unique part.  The sense of being yourself and bringing your personality into what you do came across strongly and made it feel like reading the book might set people on a journey beyond how they deliver customer service.”
Laura B
Professional Coach
"This easy to read book is filled with simple gems. You may say yes, I know that but are you doing it? Common sense is not common practice. The difference between information and transformation is action!"